Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sleep well girls...

 We have had some beautiful weather here in Connecticut, so I was able to get to the bees. I took the opportunity to prepare them for the upcoming winter and made Candy Boards out of sugar, water and pollen patties.
 When I opened the hives, some of the bees were out and about. I was very pleased to see the numbers as well as their honey reserves. Many healthy, happy bees in December!
 The weirdest thing I saw was still large numbers of drones. These are the male bees that are usually taken out of the hives at the onset of fall. The two big bees are drones seen in the picture.
 Hive number 1, which was our strongest hive this year still had a lot of honey reserves. It almost seemed like over kill to put Candy Boards (winter food) on their hives.
 The Candy Boards were inverted onto the top of each hive to provide food during the cold winter.
 The entrance reducers, which act as protection so mice and other undesirables don't get in were changed to...
 the smaller hole to keep drafts and to allow a minimal entrance for the bees.
 Once I changed to the smaller size there was grid lock as the bees were trying to get back into the hive.
A large rock was placed on the tops to prevent then from being blown off in the cold winter winds. Fingers crossed that they are prepared and make it thru the winter...sleep well girls...