Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, March 18, 2013

Healing Naturally...

 I am a bit behind on this post, but an update on "Big Red" and his badly infected leg. He came down to the house on Thursday and I have been nursing his leg ever since. Every anti-biotic has been resistant to his spur wound. I have packed it, cleaned it and still no change. He had stopped eating and drinking.
 It was time to change my direction and consult a book that Tim had bought me for the Holidays. I also started thinking about some healing techniques I had learned while working at a Vet with a Vet from Venezuela. He taught us to heal with sugar and natural methods.

 So with some sugar and some of our own honey I went to work healing my beloved rooster. He may look like a tough guy but me and him have an understanding.

So I gathered some bandage material, gauze, tape and Vaseline to make a barrier so the sugar would stay in place and went to work on healing the big guy.

 This is the wound before I started treating it. Puss filled and completely resistant to anything I was using. I was flushing it, packing it with a couple of kinds of triple anti-biotic creams, I had him on Baytril and nothing was helping. I believe they become resistant because of the antibiotics in their food.

After each application, the leg is carefully bandaged which he is not too fond of. I will take another photo tomorrow of the amazing healing process. When I returned home today he was actually standing up in his crate and eating and drinking. The healing power of what Nature provides for us!

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