Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Art of over dyeing...

 When you dye fiber or anything for that matter it depends on the medium of which you are dyeing to get the acquired results. In the picture to the left, there is grey wool roving on the top, which came from my darker sheep and white wool roving on the bottom from my white sheep. The possibilities are endless when you explore and experiment with color, dyes and textures...
Here are the results after dyeing just a basic yellow. The ball of roving on the left is the grey and the ball on the right is the white. The grey blended with the yellow in an almost olive color! Beautiful!

 This ball of roving was supposed to be olive. That is what the bottle of dye said when I bought it. I tried numerous ways to get the dye to take on simple white. I used a mordant and then I tried without. I contacted the company and they gave me tips but I still got the same results. Personally I think their product is a major fail but they won't admit to that! I have never had any problems with their dyes but am switching my supplier and am going to explore some other choices. However, I now have a few balls of this lovely rust colored with an occasional olive here and there, so nothing is a failure, when you have lemons you make lemonade right!? I already have some ideas on what I am going to do with this :)

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  1. wow its so fun to see how different the wools take the color! i have yet to dye but am prepared and ready so maybe ill get the itch and finely jump in! love your header sooo sweet! enjoy your day!