Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Planting the Greenhouse and Coldframe

 The winter here in Connecticut has held on with a vengeance! It seems like it is never going to be Spring around here. Even today it is cold and over cast. I was looking at the calender and realized I need to get planting! So I did...
 I have been readying the Cold Frame with Alpaca manure and compost. It was left to warm and ready the plants. Many types of lettuce are planted, mesculin, black seeded simpson and iceberg (for Tim!).
 This year I am trying something new in the greenhouse. I got these seed starting pellets from Home Depot yesterday...
 Placed them on an old cafeteria tray and put a heating pad underneath. I have been in deep talk with my garden guru friend Pat and the secret is keeping them warm on these cold Spring nights.
 So I went to planting some new seeds and some that I had over wintered as well. Tomato, peppers, and many types of herbs. Even 5 different basils as well.
The Bay plants that were over wintered in the house went back out to the Greenhouse, the dead leaves were picked and they were re-potted with some nice fresh soil.

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